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A Guide to Basic Car Care for Motorists

When I started out driving across country, the thought that my car might not make the journey never occurred to me. In fact, my car had been inspected by a local mechanic and he had assured me I was ready to go. Halfway through my trip, I found out that this was not true. After talking to a more experienced mechanic, I discovered that the problem with my car stemmed from something simple that even I should have recognized. I created this blog to help inexperienced car owners to better understand their cars. By knowing what to look for, you can better care for your car.


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Smart-Shopping Trucker — 3 Interior Points To Assess Before You Buy A Used Freightliner Truck

As an owner/operator truck driver, the truck that you invest in to complete your daily business is easily your livelihood. This vehicle will be where you spend the majority of your week, your means of conducting business, and how you make your money. Therefore, even though buying used is a great way to save, it is also an endeavor that must take the proper time and consideration. One of the components of the truck you must properly survey is the interior. Take a look at these important parts of the cab of a used freightliner truck that you should closely examine before you make an offer. 

1. Sleeping Quarters - If the freightliner truck you are considering is a sleeper truck, make sure you go over this area to ensure it suits your needs as a trucker. If the runs you take on are long haul, you will spend a great deal of time in the sleeping quarters of the truck, so make sure the area has the things you need to accommodate you while you're away. You'll want to examine the cot or bed to make sure it's comfortable and in good shape. Additionally, pay careful attention to how much space you have in the sleeper cab for the other things you usually carry, like a suitcase, cooler, or small television. 

2. Seats - As an owner/operator truck driver, much of your day will be spent parked in the seat of your freightliner truck, so making sure the seats in the cab are in good condition is an all-out must. Climb in the seat and test it out. Make sure it sits comfortably for you and easily adjusts to accommodate your size and height. If there are seat covers on the seats, pull them back and get a good look at what's beneath. 

3. Steering - Even though there can be adjustments made to the steering wheel of a freightliner truck after purchase, it is a better idea if the vehicle you are considering making your own has a steering wheel that you like. Take the truck for a test drive and get a feel for the steering column. Make sure the steering linkage is nice and tight and does not have a lot of play that affects your ability to maneuver the truck easily. Some trucks tend to have a little extra play in the steering, but this can also make it more tiresome to keep the truck in line while driving on long trips.

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