A Guide to Basic Car Care for MotoristsA Guide to Basic Car Care for Motorists

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A Guide to Basic Car Care for Motorists

When I started out driving across country, the thought that my car might not make the journey never occurred to me. In fact, my car had been inspected by a local mechanic and he had assured me I was ready to go. Halfway through my trip, I found out that this was not true. After talking to a more experienced mechanic, I discovered that the problem with my car stemmed from something simple that even I should have recognized. I created this blog to help inexperienced car owners to better understand their cars. By knowing what to look for, you can better care for your car.


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Give Your Used Car A Facelift And Increase Its Value With These 5 Options

Driving a used car shouldn't make you feel inferior while you're on the road. As long as your vehicle is reliable on the road, your can give it a facelift without breaking the bank, and increase its resell value while your at it – which can come in handy if you decide to trade it in or sell it at a later time. Here are 5 awesome options to consider: 

Get the Windows Tinted

Having your windows tinted provides a luxurious look for your vehicle, and provides important UV protection that will keep you and passengers safe from direct sunlight while you're on the road. Window tinting can hide window pane imperfections, and protect your seats and upholstery from fading or cracking. Modern tinting materials won't interfere with your GPS and radio signals like older metal-based films do. Films for vehicle windows come in a variety of shades and colors. You can have the window tinting so lightly that it's barely noticeable or have colorful tint, such as blue or red, put into place.

Replace the Tires and Rims

Uneven tread not only makes your vehicle look worn, but it can really drive down the value of the car overall. Even a set of used tires with sufficiently even tread is enough to make a difference in appearance, but replacing the rims is what will make your ride look newer and noticeably increase its resell value. And well treaded tires improve safety on the road when conditions aren't ideal. Your best bet is to purchase new or used tires from a company that offers a warranty as opposed to buying them off of someone else's vehicle.

Get Rid of Major Dents and Dings

Invest in a dent puller and get rid of big dents and dings yourself. You may be left with small imperfections once the dents are pulled out, but it will look a lot better than then dents themselves. If cracks occur as you pull the dents out, you can use commercial crack repair spray found at your local auto parts store, which goes on like paint and leaves a canvas-like surface. It can then be covered with touch-up paint to hide the repair. 

Touch up the Exterior Paint Job

There is no need to repaint the entire exterior of your vehicle just because it looks dull or there happen to be a few chips and scratches here and there. Instead, invest a little money in vehicle touch-up paint that comes in a spray bottle and cover all the noticeable scratches on the surface. Then it's just a matter of vigorously waxing the vehicle until it shines like new again. Open the vehicle door and look at the interior frame to get an idea of what the paint color should look like so you know what you're working toward when you're waxing, buffing, and shining.

Update the Interior Aspects of the Car

The interior of your use car is just as important as the exterior in terms of comfort, style, and resell value. If the floor is dirty or the seats ripped, you more than likely won't be offered as much when you try to trade it in and potential buyers will probably look for a discount. Adding rubber mats to the floor and fitting your seats with waterproof covers is a great way to protect the interior of the vehicle without sacrificing style. It's a good idea to use a cloth dash cover to protect it from sun damage and stains.

These ideas can be implemented one at a time, and each one is sure to make a significant different in the overall look and feel of your ride.