A Guide to Basic Car Care for MotoristsA Guide to Basic Car Care for Motorists

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A Guide to Basic Car Care for Motorists

When I started out driving across country, the thought that my car might not make the journey never occurred to me. In fact, my car had been inspected by a local mechanic and he had assured me I was ready to go. Halfway through my trip, I found out that this was not true. After talking to a more experienced mechanic, I discovered that the problem with my car stemmed from something simple that even I should have recognized. I created this blog to help inexperienced car owners to better understand their cars. By knowing what to look for, you can better care for your car.


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Remote Starter Systems: Common Car Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

Remote car starters are some of the most popular auto accessories, especially in cold climates. If you've never considered whether your car might benefit from having a remote starter installed, you might be pleasantly surprised when you consider how using one could make your life safer and even help you take better care of your car.

Safety And Comfort Aren't Mutually Exclusive

For the typical car owner, snowy winter mornings present an uncomfortable dilemma: do you sit inside your car while it heats up and suffer the biting cold, or do you risk leaving your keys in the idling car and wait in your comfortable living room for it to warm up? Well, remote starters handily allow you to toss this problem aside by giving you the ability to start the car from inside your home without even unlocking the doors. That means it can't get stolen while it warms up, and you don't have to freeze your toes off waiting for it in the driver's seat.

Being able to remote start your car in winter can also contribute to your comfort, punctuality, and road safety by letting you do more in less time. If you wake up late, you don't have to choose between eating breakfast or defrosting your car, since you can start your car as soon as you get up. This also means you don't have to labor with the ice scraper or endure a cold drive to work just because you were delayed in leaving home.

Bluetooth Systems Do Much More Than Start The Car

When someone mentioned a remote car starter, you probably picture a keyring accessory similar to the fob that came with your car. While these simple button starters are popular and affordable, a few extra bucks could net you a whole lot of previously-impossible functionality.

Using Bluetooth, your remote starter can communicate important information about your car to your smartphone. With newer cars, this integration can allow you significantly increased functionality, like changing radio stations, turning the heater and air conditioner on and off, switching on the wipers or headlights, and even locking your car doors, all from the comfort of your living room. You might even set a timer to ensure your car turns on at the right time in the morning.

Some advanced car starters also allow you to remotely shut off your car as well, in the event that it's stolen or your kid tries to go for a joyride. You can also opt for an automated shutoff to be triggered whenever the hood is opened, which will prevent the car from trying to start while a mechanic is looking at it, even if you accidentally press the button.

As an added bonus, some advanced starters even monitor the overall health of your car, alerting you when it's time for an oil change or when one of your tires is getting low. These systems can be handy for helping new drivers learn to properly maintain their vehicles.

A Remote Starter Is Like An Investment

Even a simple key ring fob remote will increase the resale value of your car significantly. If you live in a colder climate or you drive a common car, having a remote starter installed could give you the competitive edge when you eventually put your vehicle back on the market. Having a more advanced starter with maintenance tracking installed could net you even more, since you can use it to demonstrate that your car is in good condition and has been regularly maintained.

Remote starter systems can do much more than just start cars, and it's up to you to decide to opt for a simple keyring starter or a more complex Bluetooth car monitor. Either way, whether you simply use your starter to beat the cold or you rely on it to keep your car in shape, these handy accessories add a world of functionality to your vehicle that you just shouldn't have to live without. For more information, contact a business such as Aero Car Parts remote starters.